Saturday, July 19, 2014

Religion and politics

  • From Ex-Army: The Clintons squandered the fall of Communism by keeping the U.S. on a dangerous path of confronting Russia. Believe me; I know the Russians aren't perfect. After a post yesterday I got an earful from a friend about how brutal they can be, including over here (unconfirmed stories). But again, whether Putin's a new Constantine or they're at heart savages (coming off more than a decade of worshipping with them, I have nothing against them personally, only ecclesiologically), they're not our problem geopolitically (not Communist anymore and not a trade partner). There's a lot more to the Clinton years than Monica and other obvious screw-ups, and two things that the Clintons did enraged me at the time, and we're still suffering from the effects. For a number of reasons, the Soviet Union fell, and the communists, if they wanted to remain communists, had to scurry to countries that welcomed them, like Cuba and North Korea (which are mostly too icky to live in) or to the academic world here in America, where they flourish like never before. But I digress. Two Clinton accomplishments: one, to bomb the hell out of Serbia to ensure the establishment of an Islamic state in Europe. Bravo. The other was to expand NATO right up to the Russian border (which we had agreed not to do), making Russians wonder if it was communism that America opposed, or the whole idea of Russia itself. The culture wars' Great Satan at the time was caged by a hostile Congress (Newt Gingrich) and willing to make a deal, so, able to do little at home, he was functionally, accidentally, the best conservative president in recent memory (even though I liked Reagan as a person and voted for him), presiding over a boom, but yes. Dumb and dangerous, and you need not be a slavophile to agree. As I've been saying, if Hillary gets in, she'll be a hawk to look like an iron lady. Beware. More.
  • As many of you know, I'm Catholic because it doesn't teach me to hate the Russians' culture: witness St. Michael's in New York (been there several times) and other Russian Catholic churches. Russian churchmen, to give only one Orthodox example, teach Westerners to hate their own culture, which in my and others' opinion is why so many Western converts seem messed up.
  • From Rorate Caeli: The Christians have been driven out of Mosul. Eastern Christians, Catholic and estranged Catholic alike. What Bush, the liberal Rockefeller Republicans, and the neocons (Trotskyites) have wrought. Lord, have mercy.
  • Sen. Cruz: “Mr. President, when did the Democratic Party declare war on the Catholic Church?” I don't trust the mainstream Republicans either - stopped voting for them after 2000 - but this is good, even though it may just be a ploy. The Stupid Party over the Evil Party; religious people seem to have nowhere else to go, so the GOP's trying to keep the practicing Catholic base (the Reagan Democrats) the Dems turned on after the Sixties (not the '60s, exactly; the Sixties, when America went to hell after around '68, the answer to Sen. Cruz's rhetorical question?). This would be even more impressive if there were still a Catholic vote. The church shot itself in the foot with Vatican II, and so Protestant America finally absorbed most of its Catholic minority, so arguably there isn't such a voting bloc anymore. The church doesn't define doctrine about politics but still.
  • Good news, sort of, about millennials? They're social liberals ("indoctrinated" as a friend puts it, so the damage is done and they're not to be trusted) but less lockstep leftist than older generations.

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