Friday, July 18, 2014


As someone who loved Red Dawn and voted for Reagan, and is not ashamed of either, and later was Russian Orthodox (I know Russian but am not fluent), I think I appreciate both sides of American conservative opinion on Russia: the well-meaning old or neo-Cold Warriors and those who might welcome Putin as another Constantine. I'm a Putin fan without saying he's perfect or buying all that the Russians believe. They're not Communist anymore and we don't trade with them (some Russians own Getty and some Mobil stations; that's it) so they're not my problem. The liberals now hate them because they're sort of traditional and can say no to them.
USA engineers (again) a revolt in Ukraine to subsume it into EU/NATO, encircle Russia and continue to press NWO... yes, Putin is not great, but at least a block hopefully to that. USA is pushing gay agenda... Russia, resisting. Yes, let's mock those that see a problem here...
My thought at the news of the Malaysian airliner yesterday: another "remember the Maine" as an excuse for the American interventionists to go to war.

I've read a story on how the rebels in the eastern Ukraine (how's what they're doing different from the recent revolution in Kiev, other than the mainstream West hating the Russians again?) are idiots who don't know how to run a country, but that could be of the same Western tradition as put-down Polish jokes: the Jews making fun of their old Slavic enemy. I don't think Putin is trying to annex it. Smarter to keep the Ukraine weak by keeping it divided.

Nothing against the new Ukraine per se. Hoping they become another conservative state in the Slavic tradition, not the pawn the liberals want.

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