Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Separated brethren

  • First, estranged Catholics:
    • RIP Fr. Herman (Podmoshensky). I met him once. A big part of the story of Fr. Seraphim (Rose). They made a lot of good points, the same as Catholic traditionalists, but of course I don't buy their anti-Catholicism.
    • Theology quiz in Russian: o/Orthodoxy or heresy? I ran it through Google, which of course couldn't read some of the Slavonic in this. (Slavonic is to Russian as Chaucer's English is to this.) Put my answers in the Russian original to get my score: 80%, not bad considering the high concepts and the language barrier. The ones I missed: St. Gregory Palamas and Nestorius.
    • Orthodox Kool-Aid: "Your rite, culture, and nation ARE the church."
  • Then, Anglo-Catholicism: Fr. Alton will be St. Clement's new rector. They helped teach me Tridentine Catholicism in the '80s and were my bridge back to the church in the 2000s, but it's been over for some time there. The good news: their core group is now Catholic. Tridentine, not ordinariate, of course. The Episcopalianization that Canon Reid started proceeds. Fr. Alton's an ex-Catholic, and I see that St. Clement's has dropped the celibacy requirement for its resident priests, adopted when they sought corporate union with the church, specifically the Latin Church (the Christian East of course ordains the married), and wanted to be ready for it. Those changes and being out gay are their final no to the church. It's only a matter of time before a woman celebrates there. It's their business; after all, they are an Episcopal church, so I don't hate Reid. It's still disappointing. As I now say, for them, Anglican authority is church authority, so they are the real Anglo-Catholics. We weren't; just aspiring Catholics.

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