Friday, July 11, 2014

The Church of Illiberal Liberalism

Conservative complaints about liberal intolerance are a dime a dozen, but this one that Rod Dreher found is really good.
Human beings will be religious one way or another. Either they will be religious about religious things, or they will be religious about political things.
"Oh, it may be the devil, or it may be the Lord, but you're gonna hafta SERVE somebody."
Under traditional liberalism, maintaining religious liberty is of vital importance; under the new, illiberal liberalism, religious liberty is a threat.

A totalizing view of government — good phrase. In the new American liberal dispensation, we begin to approach what in modern France is called
laïcité – the idea that maintaining the secular nature of the public realm and the state’s monopoly on power requires keeping religion and religious expression firmly privatized. It may ordinarily be understood as the principle of the separation of Church and State, which almost all Americans, left and right, favor. But in France, it is generally taken to mean that religion may be tolerated only insofar as it does not interfere with the state and its purposes. If that’s not a totalizing view of government, I don’t know what is. These different emphases of what secularism is may seem subtle, but they’re important — and we’re seeing them take hold in this country.
As the Anti-Gnostic explained to me, authoritarianism isn't totalitarianism. Authoritarianism isn't necessarily bad.

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