Monday, July 28, 2014

The Mormons, the death peddlers, and questioning giving women the vote

The Nazis were progressives, and fallen human nature doesn't change.

  • From Hilary:
    • Donny Osmond, with his whole family, represented something more than just silly teeny-bopper pop songs. They were sold as the “clean” pop act of their time, happy, innocent and cheerful. They made their name not only as a talented family act, but as one dedicated to the old-fashioned religious-based virtues that had been hugely popular since the end of World War II. They were, in fact, the living embodiment of an innocent enjoyment of youth and, yes, I’ll say it, romantic love, that itself turned to “industry poison” at exactly that historical moment. Well put. The Mormons were really radical non-Christians (the SAT word is "henotheists") but they normalized outwardly, identifying with '50s America so much that when society went to hell, it turned on them too with a vengeance. (I understand the FBI recruits Mormons for agents like it used to recruit Irish Catholic cops, when OUR culture embodied that wholesomeness in many ways.) Why when the Osmonds were popular, I just assumed the Mormons were another conservative Protestant church. I think they market themselves that way. (Easy: unlike the Muslims, they come from our culture, so when they do Jesus talk, people just assume they're one of us.) Explains the mainstream's hostility to Mitt Romney in '12, even though like the Bushes he's really a Rockefeller Republican (like his dad) almost as liberal as the mainstream. ("Almost" doesn't cut it; the heresy trial will begin shortly.) Also, I don't think anybody converts to Mormonism intellectually like Newman; it's because they want that wholesome culture. Used to know a lapsed born Mormon. Mormons are kept busy with missions, etc., so they don't notice the theology doesn't add up; it's all about being in their web of community. (The theology: Joseph Smith was smart enough to write a ripoff of the King James Bible good enough to start a sex cult benefiting the men who ran it.) By the way, who else remembers Tony DeFranco? Sweet, close-knit family from Hilary's Canada; similar act as the Osmonds.
    • The death-peddlers. From a pretty blonde Anglican priest (her rap, essentially a Nazi position, reminds me of Flannery O'Connor's take on "compassion") to Lord Carey to former Anglo-Catholic "St." Desmond Tutu, but not Archbishop Welby. That good hospice care is still a ...lottery ...should shame us, rather than not having an answer to Dignitas. - Bishop Nazir-Ali. A semi-Brit herself, Hilary gets it: The Brits are suffering from 200 years of philosophical and moral corruption that was visited on their culture by the secularist instinct that grew up like a cancer in the 18th century after the compromises and logical contradictions of the English Reformation failed to hold.
    • Novus Ordo culture isn't Catholicism. As opposed to the letter of Pope Benedict's Novus, in which he solved all the real problems, so I won't leave the church for a cult with its trappings, just because of bad ceremonial. Christians - traditional liturgical ones - are literally dying in Iraq. Would YOU die for THIS faith?
  • A Hitler parallel that's not Godwin's law, a cheap shot at a debating opponent. A case against women's suffrage. Not an endorsement. How Obama adoration resembled Hitler worship. I know Bob Wallace doesn't agree (a respectable manosphere critic not driven by spite) but chicks dig jerks, plus they vote for the handsome candidate who seems like he'll take care of them. On average they're like children; they don't like responsibility or consequences, so they love socialism. The state as daddy or husband. (Their [anti-]reproductive life is none of my business but all of my financial responsibility. And they don't have to have sex with icky betas anymore.) And, looking back on female support for Hitler: ...eviscerates popular notions that females are nonviolent little buttercups. See above on the Rev. Rosie Harper's compassion vs. a "paternalistic God." Smart men don't put women on a pedestal. By the way, limiting the vote again to men with property sounds good.

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