Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The sexes

Not genders, sexes.
  • From Roissy: The unhappy woman is a feminist archetype. Men and women are happier when they abide traditional sex roles. Reject biology, feel unhappy. It's that simple. Work within the contours of your sex's biology, and you will feel like a finely tuned instrument discarding cacophony and alighting upon melodious serenity.
  • From Takimag: Rape quilt, rape guilt.
  • From Face to Face: The all-female band died from '90s feminism and cocooning. True girl bands peaked in the outgoing, confident '80s, not the "meek and mopey" '90s. Does this Teens decade have a signature style? Obviously I don't follow it, but someone has observed that its only new vocal fad in America is saying "Really?" sarcastically.
  • Anonymous quotation: What is motivating this push for priestesses but the daft notion of equal rights? I say daft because, rather like the feminists who seem to think most women would rather be CEOs than wives and mothers (how sexist of me!), it is predicated on an untenable notion of what equality is. And what gender is. Now I have no objection to women CEOs, but I am not so foolish as to think most women prefer a career over and above a family. There is no glass ceiling or conspiracy against women: on average they make a little less because on average they work less and drop out more, because they hate the rat race. Dr Summers was fired as President of Harvard for daring even to ask about gender differences, and yet they remain differences — and profound ones. Just think of the way your female colleagues discuss their children and the way your male colleagues discuss theirs. Men may have pictures of their families on their desks, but they rarely discuss them in the same way as women do — unless junior made a home run the night before, he may not be mentioned at all. I am such a troglodyte that I think men tend to be defined by their jobs, while women tend to defined by their families. I have no objection to exceptions to these rules, but I believe they are exceptions. As my second-favorite Lesbian, Camille Paglia, tellingly put it, “Thank goodness for men! They build bridges!” The old Mr, Miss, Mrs distinction is not so much archaic prejudice as it is a reflection of engendered truth. Now I have no objection if women prefer careers; some men may even make good house husbands. But to assume that yin is the same as yang is to diminish both. In the Catholic Church as whole there is next to no push for them, despite liberals trying to start one for 40 years. Because it's impossible.
  • Women-bishops postscript.
  • Golden-era sexy: Nancy Kovack. She's been Zubin Mehta's wife for over 40 years, part of high society, and I understand is a nice lady as well as very smart. Not my print: the autograph is just a neat coincidence. Out-smolders Marilyn in my opinion; those dark eyes help. Three cheers for Eastern Europe.


  1. Roissy is and always has been the kind of place where people do not read the materials they cite, but a quick trip through the Psyc Today article shows that "men are happy because they slough of the household responsibilities on the women; women are unhappy because they get stuck with those responsibilities and either have to juggle them with the work they'd rather be doing, or are stuck at home with the kids when they could do something that actually exercises their intellect." Roissy is dedicated to the kind of guy who comes home and yells at his trophy wife when the servants don't have the dinner ready and waiting for him, so they aren't going to see female unhappiness as a problem no matter what the cause.


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