Friday, July 04, 2014

The town's Fourth of July Parade

The old mainline Presbyterian church, which has bells. The Orthodox Presbyterian church, named for John Knox, meets in a house up the street.

I think she served in Korea.

A Dodge Charger: what the cool peace officers drive.

Fun souvenir of a fine statesman. Reminds me of that story Jay Leno repeated about someone who made one of these and tried to spend it - at Wal-Mart, the choice of millionaires with discerning taste. The couple giving them out were from a Baptist church (the back has a religious message; funny for a bill with Jefferson on it); I told them I'm Catholic (I don't usually start religious conversations in person but they brought it up) and the husband, an ex-Catholic, was very interested to hear that somebody still does the old Mass.

The Woodland String Band.

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