Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Two different takes on religion

  • From Daniel Nichols: Ancient universe, old earth, young humanity, infant church? By the way, evolution is an issue I've never felt I had to get worked up about as a Catholic. Our doctrine works whether the earth is round or flat, whether our system is helio- or geocentric, or whether creation is young-earth or old-earth. Only God's eternal; he started it all, and at some point intervened, making man with a soul like him and not like other animals. And man sinned. In other words, the church is fine with theistic evolution; you can believe in a six-day creation but you don't have to.
  • From Alternative Right: Finding God through your anus. No, it's not sacrilegious. It's about modern man's lame substitutes for God, from fad diets to colonic irrigation. Indeed, our society has killed God only to leave these people searching for him in their rectums.

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