Sunday, July 06, 2014

Weekend photos

Parking spot.

Antiques Only on Ganttown Road.

1940s window-display figures from Wanamaker's.

Turnersville's Nifty's. The 27-year-old original in Folsom looks more like the real thing.

At Marlton, NJ's fireworks show: "A UFO! Like Roswell. Am I about to be kidnapped? Maybe I can sell this picture or write a top-selling book like Whitley Strieber!"


Wildwood is my 1963 American Brigadoon, especially on classic-car show weekend nights when the cars are on the streets, but it's not a day trip from Philly; takes as long to get there as to New York. Hauled ourselves there in Fourth of July weekend shore traffic for what turned out to be a rinky-dink baseball-card show taking up only a small part of the convention center. Consolations: it's still my Wildwood, a slice of sausage pizza at Mack's on the boardwalk, some chocolate and peanut-butter fudge, and listening to the new Wibbage on the car radio.

The Doo-Wop Museum.

Our good friends at the Oceanic, which has become more colorful than I remember.

Mass: Dominus illuminatio mea, Oxford's motto. The guest preacher was a cassock-albed joyful Nigerian who didn't genuflect, raising mission funds; he belongs to the order that Archbishop Lefebvre headed, the Holy Ghost Fathers.

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  1. Despite driving down to wildwood and sitting in a few hours of extra traffic which was to be expected for the holiday weekend. We went there for the sports and collectible show astbthe convention center, even though that so much our thing. What was cool they had a couple of old- timers guys signing autographs for baseball stuff. And the had a wrestler from early 80' s king Kong Bundy. An someone from sesame street too. We're made the best of the long day trip
    There and try to have fun, the weather was perfect.


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