Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Why women are no longer as attracted to providers, and it's not about church size

  • From Bob Wallace: Why women are no longer as attracted to providers. K vs. r selection, or socialism decivilizes.
  • Church: does size matter? Ha ha ha. Seriously, while it's great being Catholic in a place where many Catholics settled, such as the immigrant American Northeast, and the church fulfilled the Great Commission while the schismatics either were dhimmi or building their own empire, it's really about principle. We accept the East. They reject the West. There are different schools of thought in Catholicism as there are different rites. I just see one faith: Trinity, hypostatic union (blessed be Jesus Christ, true God and true man), Mother of God, apostolic bishops, Real Presence, and images, for example. (We defend the use of images but they're optional: the Nestorians often don't use them, and of course the Roman Rite doesn't have the iconostasis. Icons are great, but they're cultural.) They mistake cultural differences for theological ones. As for Anglicanism, the plain meaning of the Articles of Religion speaks for itself, putting it out of serious consideration. And actually I'm as "romantic" as you: the church is best as the Church Local, run by custom (simpatico with Orthodoxy, no?), as long as it's part of the Church Universal.
  • Bishop Athanasius Schneider: "We are in the fourth great crisis of the Church." Schneider for Pope.
  • The big storms. This system hit here around 8 last night. I thought I might have to duck into a closet for cover. RIP.

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  1. I started off Lutheran. Went Anglican in the early 1990s as Lutherans ditched reverence in worship for being more evangelical. Became Catholic in Y2K as I came to see Anglicanism as pretty but hollow. Looked very seriously at going east about ten years ago, but didn't. There are real theological differences between east and west. Filioque isn't just a word to include or omit in liturgy. It pervades Catholic theology. Is it something on which reasonable Christians can differ? Maybe as it's something most Christians never even consider, but the only part of the eastern position that makes sense is reluctance to change a jot or tittle of the creed.


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