Sunday, August 17, 2014

A disturbing problem in the church, and more

  • Mass: Cum clamarem ad Dominum, exaudivit vocem meam. The parable of the publican and the Pharisee.
  • A disturbing problem in the church. Looks like our thurible broke! Also, our master of ceremonies seems to have been elsewhere today. So when I walked in, it looked like Low Mass but sounded like our usual Sung Mass, a mix that is an option. Our sanctuary crew improvised: as much of the Sung Mass's allowed ceremonial (modified from High Mass - actually only allowed by indult at Sung Mass) as possible. So we got an express-line Sung Mass and coffee hour. Good job.
  • I think the terms "Solemn Mass" and "Solemn High Mass" are Americanisms; my Mass is listed on the parish website as "High Mass." I've heard that before for a Sung Mass: here in the States.
  • Witnessing for the Lord: New thread on
  • Good Shepherd Jr. update: David Moyer's Catholic as of today (welcome home!); the rest will be coming in over the next few months. I can't believe I "met" Rosemont a year short of 30 ago and Moyer a year short of 20. Tempus fugit. Glad we're on this journey together.
  • More goodness from Bob Wallace: K-selection, r-selection, and romance. Roissy will tell you that r-selection is a regression, uncivilizing, bad for society. The objection is his online voice seems to teach you how to take advantange of this degeneration, promoting it. Bob: Much of the Manosphere idealizes not-very-bright r-selected "Alphas," ones apparently incapable of love. And they put down "Betas" as chumps - even though they don't understand what they really are. That is, monogamous, K-selected, intelligent, believers in patriarchy and natural hierarchies. Well put, sir.
  • Historically a problem with byzcath, as part of its anti-Westernism and related crypto-liberalism, is even if you practiced, argued for, and defended the unlatinized form of the Byzantine Rite (a valid option), if you questioned the liberal abuses in the Roman Rite, they'd question your commitment to the Byzantine one! Because they are snobs: conservative Catholic refugees are an embarrassment to them. That attitude's a hop, skip, and a jump out of the church.
  • Political anniversary this year: Nationally I have voted only for the Libertarian Party with one abstention (staying home) for 10 years. Before that, one LP presidential vote, for André Marrou in '92; the rest Republican (the first for Reagan). Such is American civic religion, the myth of the two parties (Punch and Judy as I call them), that it felt almost like leaving the church!
  • Cars: Spotted on Wynnewood Road, Philadelphia. The '50 Bel Air's interior's a shell: no seats or door panels.


  1. The belief in Alpha/Beta is destructive to men and society.

    1. The map's not the terrain but it still helps.

  2. ugh those byzcaths, the only one i like is stuart (despite his wacky theology and neocon politics) simply because he doesn't come off as a jerk to me reading his posts. speaking of which he hasn't posted there in ages. i think most of them, mods in particular, are an eastern orthodox fifth column. theyre nothing but a bunch of anti-italian syncretists, a school of thought which is a hallmark of post vatican ii catholicism.

    anyways, i thought there was a special word for a "sung low mass" (sort of an oxymoron there lol)

    1. True except Stuart used to be a resident intellectual for the dissent you describe.

      A "sung Low Mass" is either a Low Mass with hymns or a Sung Mass without a scaled-down version of the High Mass's ceremonial (for the organist and choir it's a High Mass; for the priest it's a Low Mass).


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