Tuesday, August 26, 2014

American black lockstep

Takimag's Kathy Shaidle:
If Taleeb Starkes, who is black, could wave a magic wand and change one thing about his “community,” what would it be? I figured he’d pick violence, education, or family structure. Instead, to my surprise, Starkes said he’d abolish his race’s corrosive cultural conformity.

The word “urban” effortlessly became the new “black” sometime in the 1980s. If it’s really just a euphemistic code-word invented by whitey, that doesn’t explain why blacks themselves have so eagerly embraced it.
Why black churchgoers voted overwhelmingly for not-really-black abortion ghoul and now sellout-to-the-gays Barack Obama (homosexualism isn't black).

"Blacks themselves have so eagerly embraced it." I've wondered why, only a few years after civilized black gentlemen dressed like Don Draper preached a Western ideal of universal brotherhood, so many embraced Islam (I think most are still Protestant), the Black Panthers, and blaxploitation movies: resegregation and whitey's worst stereotypes. Falling hard for cultural Marxism. (And liberal whites' proxy war on conservative ones.)

That said, at work a black man half my age has told me that writing copy for rap-music sites is as foreign to him as it is to me (yes, I've pulled it off: just do enough Google research).

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