Friday, August 01, 2014

American collapse or the wrong America ruling

  • Is the collapse of America inevitable? 2. is against the church because it's anti-humanity. Roissy's smart - road map of fallen human nature thus conservative - but he's not my Pope.
  • "Reality is neoconservative" says Commentary (Israel R Us), of course. Why should I support or favor an American-led liberal world order when it is increasingly evident that support for abortion rights and perverts' rights (tolerate = not kill ≠ accept) (and, increasingly, indifference to religious freedom and hostility to the Catholic Church) is an essential part of it? To Hell with it, I say. Leave appeasement to Dreher and his schismatic church. To see what neoconservatism gets you, just look to Iraq. It has been an unmitigated disaster. Hell is what it has delivered. Spinning an unmitigated disaster flowing from a war which we shouldn't have started into an excuse to occupy another nation "indefinitely."
  • Disparate impact in public schools: a lesson in anarcho-tyranny.
  • From Bob Wallace: Leftists are hateful children.


  1. I thought leftists were supposed to be domineering parents.

  2. "The evil man is the child grown strong." - Thomas Hobbes, supposedly.


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