Sunday, August 17, 2014

Cars: Riverside, NJ

'58 Olds Super 88. So many beautifully similar designs that year.

'60 Impala. It's OK, baby; you'll be on the road again soon. The man at the shop says this is only surface rust; all she needs are to be cleaned up and be put back together with a few replacement parts.

Riverside is a Portuguese enclave. If you know Spanish, it's easy to read; from a distance it sounds like French but up close you can understand it.

This was the town's main factory, for watch cases. Part of one floor's the town museum where regrettably you're asked not to share pictures online. It has good exhibits about St. Casimir's School, the high school, veterans, the old town hospital, and local and NJ cops.

Somebody else has the '57 World Series and other baseball on reel.

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  1. Yes this was another good car show in riverside nj, some cars were there last ur for this ur but they were good. My fave there were the burgandy falcon and the red bel air. They also had a neat museum in town u can go into for free too see, so we both did. Saw a lot of neat artifacts .


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