Friday, August 08, 2014

Catholics out of communion, "What if I'm wrong?" and more

New Hope Auto Show 2013 from Kim Bjorheim on Vimeo.

  • Wildwood and Havana. Only been to the first and love it, for the reason the second is much like it: it's still the '50s. Turns out for much the same reason: economic collapse halted "progress."
  • Greek Catholics in communion with Constantinople and Roman Catholics in communion with Canterbury. Or "a frustrated Roman" as the Episcopalians would say. Clip of part of a slightly latinized (a good thing, as is the unlatinized form) Carpatho-Russian Byzantine Liturgy. An example of their chant.
  • Anglicans and Oriental Christology. My reply.
  • "What if you're wrong?" I actually don't sweat the theological/true-church consequences of "What if I'm wrong?" More like most people, including secular people, "What kind of person have I been? How have I sinned against others?" Because my understanding of my church's theology is, even though we claim to be the true church, anybody following a sincere conscience is trying to follow God and thus has a shot at heaven. My conscience is clear in that department; it's worrying about actual sins that that keeps me awake at night. In Narnia terms, if you don't know better so you're worshipping Tash, you're really worshipping Aslan.
  • Emanations of hypergamy. Nothing like a leetle auto-fill search query to pry open the lid on the female id.
  • New Hope Automobile Show.


  1. Anonymous1:26 am

    Re: ACROD, I have tolerance for them, really. They were pushed out, forced out, for no other reason than they wanted to remain true to their own traditions, to their own disciplines, to the integrity of their rite. They are nuts now, but their nuttiness is not entirely their own doing. Like steel distorted under pressure, they have become distorted too. But they still have baptism, they still have the sacraments, they still have valid priests, they still love Our Lord and His Mother. With prayer and patience and bold speaking of the truth in love, they may come back. I pray they will, and that they will find healing from the distortions that have resulted from their journeys.

    1. I can't handle visiting one of their old churches - I've been to one. The history, that it was ours, and the spiritual truth that they're still part of us are overwhelming.

      With prayer and patience and bold speaking of the truth in love, they may come back.

      That's partly why I write at byzcath and


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