Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Getting the babes but not the babies, and more

  • Getting the babes but not the babies.
  • Satire as news. The mainline IS a self-parody.
  • The Ice Bucket Challenge: the untold story. Secular charities these days are velvet gloves with a hook in them.
  • One of the most terrible tragedies of the Catholic Church’s sexual abuse scandals is that it granted something like Warren’s Great Alibi to the Catholic left, the Christian left and other enemies of the Gospel. Another lie in the narrative. Actually, CONSERVATIVE Catholics blew the whistle on the abuse; the LIBERAL clergy told them to buzz off. This was back when the left was almost OK with sex with the underage.

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  1. The Manosphere has forgotten, if indeed it ever knew, that all of us are interdependent, and those who support its worst ideas should ask themselves what effect they will have on the brothers and sisters and parents of those who live by those ideas. Would people in their right minds really want frauds/liars/users like Roissy and Roosh and Krauser in their families?


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