Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Godly links for the Transfiguration, and more

  • From the Anglican Continuum:
    • A repost of Fr. Laurence Wells: Transfiguration. That word means a change of appearance and refers to what Matthew, Mark and Luke all tell us, that “his countenance was altered, and his raiment was white and glistering.” This happened while Jesus was praying by night on a certain mountain, alone with Peter, James and John.
    • Fr. Robert Hart: What the church does. Add "our holy mother, the church" and church infallibility to his theology and he'd be home now. Good digs at religious consumerism and church strife, and how liberal high church (which is as credally orthodox, sacramental, and often liturgically conservative as I am) is not the church. God is, indeed, still speaking. He speaks whenever we read the Bible, and whenever we teach the Apostles' doctrine. Right, and church infallibility is the guarantor of that, keeping it from turning into Episcopalianism.
  • From Steve Sailer: Feminism is organized not getting the joke. Women want two things: To be like other women (only better). For other women to be like them (not better). The fashion-media complex supplies the means for pursuing the first objective, while various moralizing movements, such as Mrs. Grundyism in the past and the feminism-media complex today, supply the means for the second. “Having it all” — a husband, a child, a home in a nice school district, and 4.5″ heels to maybe catch the eye of that hedge-fund guy who drops his kid off for the same bus — is a fun fantasy for a lot of women that sells a whole lot of shoes. Since the ads' message is not conservative (rather a celebration of modern decadence marketed as female empowerment: "starter husband," etc.), why is the left upset? Because the message says some unpleasant truth about the whole modern enterprise? When feminists are mad at men, they use the word “men.” When feminists are mad at other women, they use the word “society.”

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  1. Well, yeah: How many committed feminists does it take to screw in a lightbulb? "That's not funny." (One of my female housemates told me that one, BTW.)

    OTOH Sailer's sense of humor is obviously crippled too if he thinks the Salon article isn't funny. It's a deeply stupid campaign that is particularly obtuse to what three out of four moms want to do as soon as they've got that kid on the schoolbus,


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