Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Hey, look, a distraction, and more

  • Deflection. The Israeli-Palestinian debate, and: Across the ideological spectrum, Americans must be badgered, hounded, shamed, deflected toward noticing everything but their complete disenfranchisement in their own homeland.
  • Msgr. Ronald Knox on the A-bombs.
  • Bob Wallace remembers growing up. Intelligent criticism of the manosphere. The map is not the terrain but the manosphere is a map.
  • The war against whites is massively incentivized. Rather, one white group's war on another (Tutsis vs. Hutus) with nonwhite proxies.
  • The Don still didn't win an Emmy. The show ended this summer; of course we've yet to see the end. But Jon Hamm seemed to drop hints as to who's in the final episode.
  • In case you didn't know, Damian Thompson has moved completely to The Spectator. Speculation about Pope Francis. The first non-European Pope was elected to do one thing: reform the Roman Curia, the pitifully disorganised, corrupt and lazy central machinery of the church. He is determined to pull it off — but he’s 77 and has part of a lung missing. When he looks at his watch during long Masses in St Peter’s, it’s not just because elaborate services bore him. He knows he may not have much time. ‘Two or three years and then off to the house of the Father,’ he said this week. Was he serious? You can never tell. ... Like many Jesuits, Francis isn’t interested in liturgy. This is actually good news for traditionalists, because it means he won’t clamp down on the Latin Mass (with one baffling exception: the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate, a new order whose use of the Old Missal has been brutally restricted). ... he wouldn’t alter Catholic teaching on sexuality. Because the Pope can't.

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