Friday, August 22, 2014

Iraq, the Ukraine, and the faith

  • More war in Iraq because of the Foley murder would only fuel ISIS. The stirring of the emotions works: part of me wants to go in, "bomb them into the Stone Age" as General LeMay said of going into Vietnam to win, and recreate the place in the best of America's image as the neocons preached. Not just because of Mr. Foley (RIP) but, especially for Catholics, the Mohammedans and their gutter religion (Eastern Christian heresy?) wiping out one of the oldest parts of the church family, the Chaldean Catholics and their smaller Nestorian parent, in their homeland. (Actually, the Nestorian Church, the patriarch, is now based in Illinois, the only Eastern church to make such a change.) Christian martyrs. But you need memory and perspective; the powers that be, including the neocons, who are really liberals (Trotskyites), and including the media, don't want you to have those or don't care. Not simply the sentiment(ality) about nonviolence that the dominant religion in the West, the Christian heresy of secular humanism, preaches when it's convenient (trying to disarm conservative actual Christians). No, it's because "we" (the neocons) CREATED al-Qaeda, ISIS, etc. through our own stupidity. Iraq was a secular country, a government of BAD Muslims, lapsed Muslims. The Baath Party was co-founded by a Christian with the radical notion that states such as Iraq should work for the benefit of, get this, the Iraqis, not the Americans, the British, et al. We've overthrown Arabs' and Persians' governments, such as Saddam Hussein's for no good reason, and helped the European and American Israelis drive their Arab brothers out of their homes in Palestine. THAT'S why they hate us, more than Mohammed and NOT "they hate our freedom" bullsh*t.
  • Activists paint Moscow's "Stalin Tower" with the Ukraine's colors. Sure, it makes the Ukrainians feel good but that's going too far. This is Russia, not the Ukraine. I have no problem with the new Ukraine and hope it becomes a typically conservative Slavic state like Russia, but Catholic-friendly because of its strong, small Greek Catholic minority, also arguably the most patriotic Ukrainians as the World War II exile family I knew 30 years ago was. As for the Orthodox myth of Holy Russia: About the 3rd & Final Rome. First, it is completely contrary to Apostolic teaching - "our citizenship is in heaven" - not ROME I, II, or III!! And remember, "kings and empires rise and fall!!" Also, nothing can be final - unless you are presenting a new "millennialist" theory - that Moscow is to be established as the final "empire" leading to the Parousia!! "Rome" in the sense of the state. Also, being Catholic doesn't necessarily mean being Roman as in Roman Rite, even though through a historical accident 98% of official Catholics (vs. estranged Catholics) are Roman Riters. The body of essential beliefs - God, Christ, Trinity, hypostatic union, Mother of God, bishops, Mass, optional images - that IS the faith isn't peculiarly "Roman." The Pope just happens to share in the church's charism of infallibility, in order to defend that universal (for all nations) set of doctrines. And nobody can convince me he has been nothing but a help in defending it. So the Anglican and neo-Orthodox putdown "the Roman Church" - "we're Catholics too" or "WE'RE the real Catholics" - is annoying.

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  1. "[P]art of me wants to go in, 'bomb them into the Stone Age'..."

    Too late.

    If we bombed it back to, say, the late neolithic, that part of Iraq and Syria wouldn't look a whole lot different than it does now. Personally, my preferred solution would be to bring Iraq's Christians and other non-Muslim minorities here, but ONLY on the condition that we get to send our Neoconservative policymakers and pundits over to Iraq to take their place. Fat chance.


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