Monday, August 25, 2014

Marriage 2.0 and more

  • From Bob Wallace:
    • Marriage 2.0. How no-fault divorce ruined everything, to which we can add contraception, which the Rockefellers and their friends intended to keep the nonwhite population down and, mission accomplished, neutralize (neuter?) America's then-big Catholic minority; assimilate them. (Vatican II: while the church never compromises its doctrine, we fell for this. A "new" church for the space age. America swallowing up its Catholics is the untold story of the 20th century.) Redefine marriage so it's not about reproduction and thus society anymore, rather, it's about how the couple feel about each other, nothing more, and all hell breaks loose, as kids from broken homes will tell you.
    • Eudaimonia.
    • Women and the Wall. The trouble is modernity's artificiality, not to be confused with civilization, which builds on nature, is at odds with women's instincts. Many women appear to suffer from delusions — "I'll go to college, pretend I have a career, then find Mr. Perfect, quit my job and have husband, home and children... what happened?!?!"
    • "It’s not the cads, it’s the tramps."
  • Mainline Protestant and liberal Catholic thinking doesn't work for them: “Secular society has outgrown the church; the church is outdated. So the problem is the church isn’t yet liberal enough!” Watch numbers plummet. Repeat.
  • Murder by cherry-picking. Race riots such as Ferguson. The civil-rights movement has always had its problems (all principled conservatives opposed it at the time for constitutional reasons; freedom of association) but the romance of MLK, the nostalgia, is for the golden era; gentlemen seeming to preach a Western ideal of universal brotherhood and equal opportunity. (The only other men in Philadelphia who dress like me are blacks from the period going to church.)

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