Sunday, August 31, 2014

Not going to war over ISIS

Smart quote:
I don't think the threat from ISIS is a serious threat to our citizens here at home. I think that the government owned media is trying to instill fear in Americans so that we will be cool with another war, or a resumption of an old one. The military industrial complex who own our government, and our media, need a a new war. Afghanistan and Iraq were cool, but now they are winding down. They tried to start one up in Ukraine, and Syria, but there was no mandate from the people. Now, the media has started a new propaganda blitz. ISIS is EVIL. I agree, they are evil, but they are way over there, a bunch of peasants who got hold of our military equipment when we left. The stuff will wear out, no spare parts, etc. Maybe they will stage another 9/11 to get your backs into the new wars, but they won't be able to do anything of significance without inside help.
Also: war isn't our only weapon nor hand-wringing our only option.

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