Wednesday, August 06, 2014

The college swindle, neo-pagan kids, and more

  • Outside the upper-class boosters that are the Ivies and the greats (such as Stanford, MIT, Michigan, and the U. of Chicago), college is a scam for most people.
  • Even neo-pagan kids rebel. Hilarious.
  • They always report "celebrating the Mass in Latin." Like that's all that's changed. Your Average Catholic thinks this, like it's just the Novus Ordo, in Latin. Like we have some kinda language fetish. We gotta stop calling it or allowing it to be called "Latin Mass"; the differences are more profound. I never refer to The True Mass as EF either. Nor do I. It's "my Mass" (the context tells you), "the traditional Mass," or "the Tridentine Mass." Technically the Novus Ordo is a true Mass (Protestant intent through omissions all over the place but not heretical, clear now in the English translation that Pope Benedict ordered) and of course the Eastern rites obviously have them.
  • America's most violent era was before Europeans arrived. I knew that was true of Mesoamerica - the other Indians hated the Aztecs because they were tyrants with an empire, and better the Mass than ripping someone's heart out while alive, so the real hero of Mexico is Hernán Cortez. Not surprisingly true of North America as well. (Doesn't excuse the Trail of Tears, etc.) So much for Rousseau's noble savage and boomer and SWPL exoticism (Dances With Wolves is well made but actually condescending and racist).

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  1. Never mind that the actual median salary for Welder I (starting guys) is actually a bit less than $36K, and that your starting ME gets about $63K. People getting liberal arts degrees aren't going to be competent welders anyway; they're going to do clerking jobs if they don't have educations.


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