Thursday, August 21, 2014

The coven at the Cathedral, and more

  • The coven at the Cathedral. If you thought I meant Episcopalianism, you're forgiven. No, it's about the college scam and what's wrong with academe. Mencius Moldbug was the one who started calling it “the Cathedral”... Some have griped about the use of specific religious nomenclature, but it’s hard to argue that contemporary progressivism is anything but a secularized folk religion — and a particularly paranoid and vicious one. It's a Christian heresy.
  • The generational swing away from Boo taxes.
  • Putin right or wrong. I'd welcome a new Constantine but I'm not of the cult of Russia.
  • The ancient Mass in the house churches was not as informal as many think. Right, that's a misconception maybe started by the Protestants and that Catholic scholars fell for about 60 years ago, which led to the space-age stripping down at Vatican II. The Protestants thought the early Christians only had the Verba, not an anaphora, and have been proved wrong. So the ELCA Lutherans have backtracked, writing a Canon-like thing ambiguous enough to not be Catholic. Excuses, excuses. "Facing the people" is a fad based on discredited scholarship.
  • Christian. Tory. Monarchist.


  1. Thanks for the nod in my direction.

  2. The archdiocesan article is using "informal" more than a bit loosely, but in any case a "decently and in order" Anglican sees nothing wrong with the principle of the thing. However, this has nothing to do with the way the 20th century liturgical "reformers" looked at things. Dix and his followers worked from the oldest anaphoras we have; you are welcome to complain about the way the worked from those, but they didn't work from nothing.


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