Friday, August 08, 2014

The problems with "tous schismatiques" and 'doxing

To a lover of the unlatinized form of the Byzantine Rite who's getting fed up in the Greek Catholic option. "Tous schismatiques" — treating Catholicism and Orthodoxy like denominations — is unfair to both and really teaches there's no church. Plus a rant at the Orthodox: fine; if that's how you feel, why don't you move (back) to Eastern Europe?


  1. The byzcath forum is hostile to anyone who follows the Church teaching that Catholicism is the one true Church. They even congratulate Catholics who go into objective schism to Orthodoxy. Many on there claim it is just like changing jurisdictions, which is complete BS. The Catholic Church does not look favorably on Catholics becoming Orthodox, even in the post-conciliar era.


    1. True of byzcath; I call them on it in this thread and would never send an inquirer about Catholicism to that forum for that reason. Our doctrine doesn't change.

  2. Anonymous1:12 am

    You are a witness to those who might fall into that well of bitterness, and a voice to those in it that they can come out of it.


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