Friday, August 29, 2014

The Ukraine, the Rat Pack, a beautiful car, and more

  • Ukraine’s president today declared that a "Russian invasion" of his country was underway and the United Nations' Security Council called an emergency session to discuss the latest crisis involving allegations of Russia's overt support for [the Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republics]. While I appreciate Cold War nostalgia (I voted for Reagan and loved Red Dawn), these. Countries. Are. Not. Our. Problem. Anymore. Not Communist anymore (no longer out to get us) and we don't really trade with them (some Russians own what used to be Pennsylvania's Mobil stations; big deal). Best wishes to the independent Ukraine: may it be both conservative and Catholic-friendly, like Russia minus schism.
  • Study finds all-consuming self-pity best way to win back ex-partner. What's this? The SWPL snobs at The Onion actually AGREE with manosphere common sense like Roissy? He could have written that parody.
  • "Birth of the Blues." Always liked Benny Goodman's recording of that.
  • Cruise Night, K & G Speed Shop, Broomall, Pa.

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