Saturday, August 16, 2014

Thou shalt now covet, and what's wrong with online Orthodoxy

  • Thou shalt now covet. Insight into egalitarianism from Fr. Robert Hart.
  • From Bob Wallace: Women's besetting sins are pride and envy. The way to their hearts is not to feed their fallen egos (contra beta orbiters and white knights: the pedestal) but to nicely put them in their place. (Feminists lie: most men rightly hate abuse of women.) They love a man in charge.
  • Churches' alleged false-flag operations.
  • Why Orthodox apologetics are annoying. Pride: the online noise is mostly self-hating Western converts (Need an up? Go exotic! Like wiggers and folks who turn Muslim), geeks who think they're too good for us (living in their heads - arguably onlinodoxy is autistic, plus maybe lots of modern "self-esteem" and the larger culture's anti-Catholicism and snobbery: shopping at Whole Foods for your obscure fasts is cooler than going to Mass), so they build complicated, plausible historical arguments. (Like churchmen under Henry VIII and Elizabeth I did.) Also-rans in the polemic fest: xenophobes in or from other countries (often the ethnics are nice in person; very Catholic-like with nothing to prove as they know who they are), and Americans of Slavic descent who were treated horribly by our churchmen, nothing to do with our teachings. The thing with that is the church CAN make rules such as imposing priestly celibacy on Eastern churches in Western countries. We shouldn't! Priestly celibacy, changing to the Eastern rule (a married man can become a priest but a priest can't marry), is on the table. Instead of making up or importing a new community, I'd rather just embrace the real community that's (on the ropes, but still) here (the old Mass, which is better, is a part of that, nay, the heart of that, not a sect), go to Mass, and throw myself on the mercy and love of God. Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy upon us. (That image, on a Slavic Easter egg, is at my desk.) Nothing wrong with the Greek Catholic option either, unlatinized (liturgically Orthodox) and latinized.
  • Magisterially as well as sacramentally, Orthodoxy = the Chinese Patriotic Catholic Association.
  • From Takimag:
  • Say a Hail Mary for Elvis. "No one who sings of her rosary should be forgotten in death."
  • St. Rocco. Lodato sempre sia il bel Nome di Gesù e di Maria.

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