Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Three on the sexes

  • Hot vs. crazy-girl chart. Cute. All he needs are one of my ties and my glasses.
  • Sexualization and a**holishness. I'm not agreeing with his conclusion (Freud was wrong); he just makes a few manosphere points in a left-handed way. To some boys this coolness comes naturally; others like the younger boys in the story learn it (Social Skills 101) - from the older ones as here, the hard way. (Initiation into manhood. Like Marine boot camp for attitude.) Sure, it can go too far. (Bob Wallace: dark triad = wicked and dangerous.) Even the "d*ckish little runt" is alpha in the right context (he can think on his feet); you don't have to be Steve Reeves to get the girl, but it doesn't hurt. (Men go for looks; women status and power.)
  • On whores and women's terror of them. Not just as competitors undercutting them (yes, the sin and social evils of illicit sex, and...) but as social Darwinism against omegas. Related: the sexual revolution is playtime for alphas (the left loves Hef: the Playboy/Ms. connection) and no other men. It takes all kinds, and civilization was better to and for betas.

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  1. That video is hysterical! Strippers named Tiffany! (He forgot Brandi.)


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