Friday, August 22, 2014

When lefty pieties clash, Wildwood's story, and more

  • Being accidentally or conveniently pro-life in order to gin up the Ferguson race riot. Let me get this straight, Shelly. According to as leftist a journal as exists anywhere in the world, “the well-being of the unborn” has now become a legitimate concern? This Christian heresy of secular humanism (the Cathedral, whose ongoing revelation is the Narrative, cf. 1984), lacking a magisterium, is fun to watch when its wires are crossed: when its multiple wrongheaded good intentions conflict rather than COEXIST. A hierarchy of truths? What outranks what? Baby killing (really for well-off whites) vs. anti-white reverse racism, using anti-woman Mohammedans to get whitey vs. anti-man feminism, blacks don’t like gays, etc.
  • Eternal revolution, not “old-time religion.” Sed contra, Edmund Burke's high-church conservatism? Something's good not just because it's old, but because it's true. Reason according to Aristotle, St. Thomas Aquinas, and the classic Anglicans means conforming yourself to reality. Also, the faith doesn't mean making up your own reality but seeing things as they are. And the litmus test for real vs. fake religion, be it in Christendom or a post-modern wasteland: Is this about ME or GOD?
  • Wildwood motels: mid-century modern for everybody. A recently written little history. My photo album.
  • Finding what should never have been lost: priests and the Extraordinary Form. Standard good traditionalist stuff, worth a look for uplift now and then. What strikes me is this is in Catholic World Report, a successor to 30 Days, which I remember in John Paul II's heyday in the '80s as aggressively Novus Ordo conservative. Traditionalists' worst enemies; rivals. The liberals didn't take us seriously. This article would have been unthinkable 25-30 years ago. Thanks, Pope Benedict the Great. As the liberals die out, and the only remaining practicing American Catholics are conservative, we'll see more of this. "We was robbed!" We sure were.
  • Interesting ongoing thread at the Orthodox Blow-Out Department, the or
  • Levelheadedness about Russia: What Putin is doing is not Bolshevik. You have to keep his audience in mind. He does make speeches celebrating the Soviet legacy, but the overall thrust of these speeches is to convince the Russians who are over 40 years old (not an insignificant contingency) that they had not wasted their lives working for a state which failed. Putin is simply not going to tell them - as Russian liberals like the ones who pulled this stupid stunt do on a routine basis, and as the Bolsheviks once did to the kulaks and the Russian peasantry - that they are worthless and obsolete merely for having lived and worked during that time. They're not Communist anymore and other than some of them owning what used to be the Mobil stations here in Pennsylvania, we don't trade with them. They're not our problem anymore.

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  1. There you're incorrect. I heard that Russia imports about 1.1 billion euro of food each year from the USA. Might be small but US produce is a big part of Russian consumption.


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