Friday, September 19, 2014

Britain remains Great: Scotland chooses to stay

  • In a close vote, Scotland chooses to remain in the UK. A glorious moment for the mother country, best for both Scotland and England. God save the Queen!
  • Priestly celibacy and Christian community.
  • Word is Cardinal Burke's being fired from the Curia, effectively being retired. Church people can be jerks to each other and even personally heretical; in other news, the sun rises in the east. (Brideshead Revisited: the English Catholic Church in the '20s was four groups trying to blackguard each other.) I've seen worse; I'd say Catholics are at Defcon 4 now. In the '70s and '80s it was Defcon 3. Defcon 1: go to the SSPX. (Fellay for cardinal; Lefebvre for saint. Give the latter 100 years.) In other words, if you understand the teachings of the church, you won't leave because of Pope Francis, say Benedict's still really the Pope, or be a sedevacantist.
  • Quest'anno, è miracolo! Buona festa di San Gennaro: St. Januarius miracle repeats in Naples. Lodato sempre sia il bel Nome di Gesù e di Maria.
  • From Bob Wallace:
    • White-man voodoo magic. Like the cargo cults, people who think fuel comes from the magic gasoline fairy, and that the way to solve poverty is to print (computer-click) more fiat money.
    • Omegas murdering alphas. The manosphere's a map, not the terrain. Beneath the bluster (après moi, le déluge at the Château: sure, civilization's going to hell but happy hunting; get some while the getting's good), Roissy actually says civilization is good, better for all, including betas, which are most men, and women; men and women need each other and are happy to have each other, a society of all alphas would self-destruct.
    • Marriage as a completely broken institution. We did ourselves in with contraception and no-fault divorce long before it was cool to pretend two men can marry, which logically follows from our changing the meaning of marriage. So lots of betas (like Leif Erikson, frivorced by a "Conservative Christian Mommy Blogger") and cat ladies are left broken, wondering what the hell went wrong.
  • The rise of cool evil in popular fiction.

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