Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Carpetbaggers and more

  • Transplant politicians in status-striving times. So we have a President who is not rooted in the country he controls. It's no wonder he doesn't really seem to give a damn what happens to it, one way or another. He's not intent on laying waste to it, just wholly apathetic — "Whatever, let it burn, as long as the fire doesn't reach the golf course." It's worse to think about what his double election says about the voters — so transient themselves that they don't even recognize how foreign he is. Although they wouldn't care if they did, and might award him bonus points for being on the same wavelength.
  • Vladimir Putin is not Hitler nor a conservative. Neither a real menace to us nor a schismatic new Constantine? I can buy that.
  • The elite want to change course. Consolidation of global governance has seen its best days, at least for this age. The risks of continuing on this path are too great for even the elite to survive.
  • Obama: I've got to give the man credit. He did try to end the war in Iraq for us. We never should have gone in; what's happening now (ISIS) is not his fault. He has other serious problems, but he is only a symptom. Two memoirs notwithstanding, he's just not that important.
  • Are all Ashkenazi Jews descended from only about 300 people?
  • The fascism in the Fappening. The myth of women warriors. I guess feminist Vikings are up there with sensitive New Age, anything-but-Catholic Celts.
  • Femsplaining Rotherham. Foreigners of a gutter religion do it, enabled by elite whites, but just like here, spin it so somehow it's working-class whites' fault. Check.

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