Sunday, September 14, 2014

Cars, vintage shops, and church in Mullica Hill

A rainstorm hit this show in the lot of the Old Mill antiques mall but we got there in time to see it.

DJ playing Bill Haley and the Comets.

A rarity: a Ford from the suspended '42 model year, made right before Pearl Harbor.

'48 Pontiac Streamliner 8.

The star: '59 Impala.

The Old Mill.

Turner's, now moved across Main Street.

Yuengling's a great beer, by the way, from Pottsville, Pa., near here.

Taxidermy: raccoons carry rabies and aren't afraid of us.

I wouldn't want to run across this fellow going through my garbage.

This is from Dickens and Prince Albert's Germany, nothing directly to do with the birth of Christ.

Very nice though.

As the rain began, we found St. Stephen's Episcopal Church open to visitors.

Gong sanctus bell and Stations of the Cross.

A small, charming old church, a close community, and high culture.

I'm not Novus Ordo, because this kind of church is where I came from. Thanks.


  1. The Episcopalians fake it to make it!

    1. Stuart Koehl, a bad Catholic (not a Bad Catholic, a sinning slob who knows what he is; rather, an intellectually proud man, a son of Abraham who sits in judgment of both Catholicism and Orthodoxy while affecting Orthodox trappings), and a few others have accused me of constantly attacking every church I've left - Anglicanism, Catholicism 20 years ago, and nearly three years ago Orthodoxy. Nothing could be further from the truth. I have nothing to hide or prove. Anybody can look up the church's teachings about Anglicanism, so it's enough for me to say I'm a Catholic and to thank the Episcopalians for giving me high liturgics and showing me how small, semi-congregational parishes can work. Not yell "Fakey fakey fake fake!" every time they're mentioned.

    2. Yeah, following a church's teachings is for the goyishe kops. That's not for a mensch like Stu.


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