Thursday, September 04, 2014

Class war: Dancing on the grave of Penn Hills Resort

This news story got my attention: Ex-owner of Poconos resort ordered to pay back former employee pensions. $307K.

I’ve only been to the Poconos once so I’d never heard of it. (New York as well as Philly used to vacation here; the Jersey Shore, like the TV show, is South Philly East Annex).

Some SWPL ruin porn. I look at it because I miss the old America.

Of course I like the mid-century modern lampposts from the ’64-’65 World’s Fair in Queens (even though that mindset begat Vatican II).

Sure, it’s easy to laugh at the heart-shaped tubs but what strikes me is in its day this place like Wildwood was a vacation paradise for everyman, who probably couldn’t afford to take the SS America or Pan Am to Europe or the Caribbean for their honeymoon. The SWPLs wish this class of whites didn’t exist so with this snobbish ruin porn they’re dancing on their graves. "I thank thee, O Lord, that I am not as other men. Like that white-trash thief ex-resort owner..."

It’s true, as Paul Fussell observed, that the more self-consciously modern something is, the lower-class it is. Affected archaism is middle-class; real archaism upper. Wildwood is beautiful (and now coincidentally considered ironically cool; for me it’s not kitsch) because it’s still the early ’60s; this, on the other hand, followed trends since (after all, it was trying to stay in business, which I guess uncool whites have no right to do), more reason for the SWPLs to chuckle.

50 years ago, probably a neat place for what it was.

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