Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Conservative Christians as dhimmi, the great gay-priest scandal, and Orthodox jihadis

  • What’s behind millennials’ trust issues? It’s not the economy, violence, or inequality. Millennials’ lack of trust stems from their relational detachment. A window into the sociopathy of the millennials. Broken homes mess up kids. Also, the Sixties destroyed community, and yes, libertarianism in its most doctrinaire form is part of the problem. Radical individualism (selfishness), Protestantism's endgame. "Do your own thing" = "every man for himself" = "just die already." These kids are a nudge away from Lord of the Flies or another Holocaust.
  • In penal Ireland, Anglicanism was ISIS.
  • A trio sampler from Rod Dreher, a smart man I have no grudge against but misgivings about a possible agenda:
    • In the elite's America, mild persecution is real: California State University system has derecognized InterVarsity. Now are they forcing Hillel to have gentile officers or a Muslim group to have Christian ones? Or forcing conservative Muslims to be "LGBT allies"? Bet not. (When lefty doctrines and alliances c0Ntr@δi©†: which ones have higher rank? In competing identity politics, which mascot/proxy gets thrown under the bus first?) The Cathedral (Protestantism's son), the narrative, secular humanism: the self-evident truth that Gay Is Good and gender's just in our imaginations. (Except when reality intrudes, when having children or a flat tire needs fixing.) Their defined doctrine, ex cathedra. Conservative self-pity's as common as grass but yes, the message is clear. As far as the elite's concerned, we don't exist anymore; we are non-persons. The question regarding Dreher is, is he really a false friend, a false flag working for the elite by prepping conservative Christians for dhimmitude under secular humanism? As I like to say, taking two pages from the history of the Ukrainian Catholic Church, it's the difference between a Judas such as Fr. Gabriel Kostelnyk and a hero worthy of consideration for canonization such as acting Metropolitan Volodymyr (Sterniuk).
    • The death of Fr. Larson. God have mercy on him. We aren't clericalists, and it was small-o orthodox Catholics who tried to blow the whistle on this problem; the "sex-positive" Gay Is Gooders in the clergy covered it up. Plus we aren't Donatists (the unworthiness of the cleric is nothing to do with sacramental grace or canonical authority; the church is sinless, we are sinners), though that's an understandable temptation in situations like this. Dreher's famous reaction — this "planted the seed that ended with me losing my Catholic faith four years later" — is emotional, not (Mr. Spock rise of one eyebrow) logical. Convenient schism to try to sell conservative Catholics on self-sequestering so they're neutralized, out of the regime's hair?
    • Orthodox jihadis. Surprise (not really): some Russian Orthodox priests are patriotic Russians, including in the eastern Ukraine. Does it go too far, as is their wont? Yes. Is it natural? Yes. Dreher is the Voice of Western Liberal Reason here, Mr. Human Rights, etc.: a "responsible conservative" hoping the liberals will at least tolerate him. It seems to me he's never hung out with real Orthodox such as Russians, only converts like himself. A church of his own invention, even with his very own parish, which he founded. The lord of the manor, not a poor Russian lighting candles to his patron saint. (Fake religion is always about self.) 'E's 'Enery the Eighth, 'e is.
  • The WASP-in-chief (he's not really black: foreign father, white mother, Hawaii, Indonesia), an abortion ghoul, continues his war on the church: Picking on conservative nuns again.

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