Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Did "The Godfather" wreck the Mafia?

  • Probably old news, but did the Godfather movies help kill off the Mafia? Someone at work told me this; makes sense. In Philadelphia, for example, before 1980, Cosa Nostra was if anything low-profile, under "the docile don," Angelo Bruno, sort of a frenemy of the police: relatively nonviolent, involved in things such as gambling. Don't get the cops' attention; stay out of the papers; go to church. Outliers in society including Italian-American society: as with the church's civic position on prostitution, do your dirty sinful business over there, out of sight. Flashy mobsters such as Al Capone: the exception? Then The Godfather hit the screens in '72 and all that changed. Mob bosses and wannabes started seeing themselves as philosophers, community leaders, celebrities; omertà (don't snitch) went out the window; another mobster murdered Bruno in '80, and the local mob self-destructed all over the Inquirer's and Daily News's pages (pre-Internet).
  • Jeff Culbreath sounds general quarters about the upcoming Synod on the Family. ***IF*** the Pope tried to change church teaching (he can't; that's not in his job description), we'd have a real problem; Catholics would go to Defcon 1. I don't see it happening, but... And Orthodoxy's obviously not the answer, because you can't prove to me that Western Catholicism was a fraud all along, and their theology of divorce and remarriage doesn't make sense ("thou shalt sometimes commit adultery if it's pastorally prudent; economy"); we worship a rational God, not the irrational one of their fellow Easterners, the Mohammedans.
  • Bob Wallace says the manosphere doesn't add up. Doing the math about PUAs. If you have ego problems, it wouldn't. It's a map, not the terrain.
  • Gavin McInnes on America's martyrs.
  • Hey, diversity worshippers.
  • From the Anti-Gnostic: How to increase the incidence of rape on college campuses: order fraternities to keep women in houses with lots of drunk young men. Eventually though, these fraternities will become safe places for women. That is, they will become sororities, filled with women and their gay friends. As Bob Wallace puts it, what women enter, men leave. As I saw at jolly old St. Liberal's for Mass last Sunday, when you let little girls be altar servers (substitutes for minor clergy; JROTC for priests; knights of the altar), the boys quit.
  • The hipster on whom Washington bet to beat Putin.
  • Like hypocrisy is vice's tribute to virtue, I saw this quoted recently: Political correctness is indifference's tribute to charity.


  1. Interesting. Did the East sell out on marriage during the Byzantine Empire?

    1. I'd be interested to know if the West knew of the Eastern practice and if they did anything to protest it? It clearly predates the schism between East and West.

    2. The West knew and didn't care. Even the Greek Catholics had divorce until 1913.

    3. I've read that too but I take it with two grains of salt because I read it from a longtime dissenter in the church.

      That said, to be fair, church divorce and remarriage were originally an economy so that the wronged husband or wife and their children would literally survive.

      I understand that in American Orthodoxy now, if you go to church, you pay the diocese $100 to have your first marriage cleared and you get a full church wedding again. The stuff about the second wedding being penitential is a fairy tale that converts believe.

    4. Ah. Who'd you hear it from? I can't remember where I heard it and I'm not near any decent library so I can't check...

    5. Stuart "I'm Better Than the Both of Youse; Obedience Is for Goyische Kopfs" Koehl.

  2. I remember reading a story from probably 10 years back or so about how American Mafia families were trying to import Sicilian-born henchmen into the States, because unlike the American-raised guys, they knew how to keep their mouths shut.

  3. Your comment about PUA stuff fits with my experience. For me, it allowed a reassessment of my "nice guy" worldview. Being a "nice guy" gets a man nowhere and reading PUA type books allowed me to realize that at the least. Sure there are excesses and issues, but I'm grateful for that insight.


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