Wednesday, September 03, 2014


'48 Chevy Fleetline Aerosedan. Quintessential beautiful '40s design, which of course was static most of the decade because production was suspended during the war. Godfathermobile.

'49 Mercury with fender skirts. Unibody. This model year was the first postwar redesign, arguably the first '50s cars. People love this Merc because it was James Dean's character's in Rebel Without a Cause. (James Dean played losers: the Sixties waiting to pop like a bad zit?)

Christine's stock sister: '58 Plymouth Fury. From a nice Cambodian fellow at the Berlin, NJ flea market. He's now at the better one in Columbus on Sundays.

The four Impalas:

'58, the first Impala. Like the slightly custom version Ronny Howard's character lent to Toad in American Graffiti. Of course I like stock version. From the Wildwood fall car show.

'59. Tiny but perfect, from the color to the sexy lines. Flea-market find.



Donna displays diecast cars differently.

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