Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Ecumenism: Our estranged part and our close cousins

  • Shooting ourselves in the foot AGAIN with the Christian East: Hans Urs von Balthasar apparently disparaged married priests. Read the real damage he's done. You know my "line," brother, and it's not a line but from the heart. Fr./Dr. von Balthasar was entitled to his opinion but remember it's not our doctrine; otherwise we wouldn't have married priests in your grandparents' homeland then or now. I don't support his opinion. You're 100% right that we have a lot of work to do teaching our rank and file, and it seems our elite, about the Eastern churches. What drove away your family was never about our teachings. We love you. We miss you. Come home.
  • That said: The Oriental Orthodox' (Copts, Armenians, Ethiopians, etc.) rejection of all "ecumenical councils" after the 3rd supports, against the Chalcedonian Orthodox, the argument "We didn't 'receive' them, and you accept that we and you were then the same Church, and so they are not 'ecumenical councils'." In other words, the OOs can deploy against Orthodoxy the same argument some Orthodox make against Catholicism.
  • Evangelical Catholics: Our close cousins, the Lutherans. In pure form (such as the LCMS) they think they're the true church and we are in grave error. Interestingly, Martin Luther agreed with the Pope vs. Henry VIII trying to get an annulment.

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  1. And Henry VIII sided with the Pope against Luther...... Where does it all end?


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