Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Egalitarianism destroys labor markets, Catholic/Orthodox stuff, and women and white-knighting

  • Egalitarianism destroys labor markets. Food for thought.
  • Gavin McInnes: You believe what you want to believe.
  • The idea that Catholicism is clericalism is mistaken.
  • "Reunion" on every byzantinophile Catholic board I've seen means "Catholicism gives up papal infallibility and teaching it's the true church," which can't happen. Orthodox participants, Fr. John Morris being an honorable exception, accept this misreading of Vatican II of course because. among other things, it supports Slavic-American Orthodox' foundational myth ("we returned to the true faith"). It seems friendly to the church at first (as opposed to hardline online Orthodox) but it's really relativism neither Catholic nor Orthodox. Denominationalism, Protestant ecclesiology in Byzantine drag. And you can be 100% Eastern and 100% Catholic; mother church offers both the unlatinized and latinized forms of the Byzantine Rite. Everything in church polity except the papacy and the episcopate is negotiable, so true Catholic/Orthodox dialogue is possible and desirable.
  • Women being childish, white-knighting, and pedestalization. On one such board, an older lady (septuagenarian) announced she's leaving the church for Orthodoxy but doing it with her fingers crossed, so to speak, holding to a branch-theory ecclesiology (distortion of us, rather than what Orthodoxy teaches). Fishing for "you go, girl" affirmation, which was in abundance from the men in that place. Call her on leaving the church and she gets personal, very feminine, playing the damsel victim: "I saw you attack your closest friends the same way as you were leaving the Catholic Church and now you're using me as a punching bag." Actually she didn't and I've long since explained myself in full, a due public apology (getting a "like" from one of those old friends — "we're good"). Like Diogenes looking for an honest man, in recent weeks I wasn't looking for a fight (except from the hardline Orthodox but they famously dish it out) but for Byzantine Catholics who are Catholic! This detour regarding her was because I am obligated to point out that leaving the church is a grave matter; she's intelligent enough to understand that, and playing along would be condescending. Anyway, the double standard is in force: "John, you're stalking her; that's no way to treat a lady." Guess she knows how to work that room! The white-knighting seems to say something ancient-minded (wise?), unintentionally: that women are often like children, foolish, and should not be held to the same accountability as men. I disagree with the last; women of course have their weaknesses but are adults.
  • Actually you can keep the infallibility as long as it is in the boundaries of the Pope acting along with the bishops in an ecumenical council. We're not that far apart here, even though the church doesn't concur with you. The Pope's office shares in the church's charism of infallibility and, like an ecumenical council, can't invent doctrine or change past doctrine.
  • Considering that the Catholic Church wants to bring the Russians and all the Orthodox fully back into the family, using the Ukraine against Russia is wrong; shortsighted. I don't think the Pope is using the UGCC against the Russians. The UGCC has a right to exist regardless of what Moscow thinks. Nor do I think that of the Pope; I think many well-meaning Catholics and old Cold Warriors want to.

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