Thursday, September 04, 2014

"I'm a Catholic priest and I'm married"

Good points, Father, and thank you, thank you, thank you, for pointing out that ex-Anglican and Eastern-rite priests are sterling CONSERVATIVE examples of married priests. You have a point about apostolic authority vs. congregationalism, but based on my experience as a teenager, in the dark days of the church after Vatican II, Anglo-Catholics' high churchmanship protected by their semi-congregationalism and resulting close parish community is something we should learn from. Everything in church polity is negotiable except the papacy and the episcopate.

Are our authorities doing a bait-and-switch with ex-Anglican priests? Phasing out all that embarrassing conservative high church so the Novus Ordo will just have a few extra supply priests who happen to be married? Pope Benedict set up the ordinariates so that libcath attack on high church couldn't happen; a realist, he was protecting Anglo-Catholic alumni from some of our own people. The church can limit future vocations to the celibate among ex-Anglicans but shouldn't. And as Loyd Grossman says, "Let's look at the evidence." I've been told that priests are being let into the ordinariates, as opposed to the Pastoral Provision (regular Novus Ordo but with a dispensation for marriage), only if they're bringing in a substantial enough congregation with them; that doesn't sound like double-dealing for Anglo-Catholic alumni to me.

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