Tuesday, September 09, 2014

McCain: Eurasia is at war with Eastasia...

2013: “We must arm ISIS to defeat Assad.”
2014: “We must help Assad defeat ISIS.”
What in God's name did they teach you in here? What did they turn you into? A soldier? No, goddammit, I'M a soldier, with the career goal of all soldiers. I wanna stay alive in situations where it ain't easy, but you, my friend, you're a death lover. I know the species. [78] years old and some son of a bitch has put you in love with death. Somebody sold you on the idea that dying for a cause is oh, so romantic. Well, that is the worst kind of all the kinds of bullshit there is! Dying is only one thing. Bad!
— Ronny Cox as a National Guard officer in Taps, a stupid lefty-written movie of course but it has its moments, such as this

ISIS is evil but not a threat to us, and Assad was never our problem.

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  1. The man is obviously a bit mentally unstable. Probably has been ever since he was tortured, if not before. Much as I detest the current President, I must admit that at least he hasn't started WWIII yet. I doubt we'd have been so lucky with a President McCain.

    I met him in person once over 10 years ago, when we both happened to be in the same building for unrelated events; even then, he looked much older and more worn-out in person than he did on TV. He was only in his mid-60s, but I would have guessed he was pushing 80, easily. No makeup and careful lighting to hide the decay, I'm sure. I shook his hand and was half-expecting him to collapse into pieces before my eyes. I'm actually a little surprised he's lived this long.


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