Tuesday, September 16, 2014

More OicwR deep thoughts

From their doyen:
They [the Catholics and the Orthodox] are not, and never were, analogous to husband and wife, for in that relationship there is a hierarchy that involves a superior and subordinate position. The true relationship is one of sisters, who are related by blood, and whose relationship to each other can never be dissolved or negated. For even if sisters are not on speaking terms, even if, sadly, they come to loathe one another, they cannot cease being sisters. Moreover, sisterhood is a relationship of equals; one is not greater than the other.
Even the branch theory isn't that wussy. Old-school Anglicans believed they were "THE church of the rrrrrrrealm, the same church as in the Middle Ages but purified according to the Bible and the fathers. Papists are a true church with bishops and the creed but in grave error, as are the Greeks, little more than superstitious heathen. Hooray for Cranmer's and Hooker's godly doctrine: God save England and God save the King." Not this two-equal-churches mush. If you believe in Orthodoxy, be Orthodox; right or wrong, you'd have integrity.

The Roman Rite and the Byzantine Rite Orthodox churches are estranged sisters — particular churches. But the Catholic Church has no sisters. The Orthodox believe the same of the Orthodox Church (more of a communion).
John, you're very tiresome of late. You were always tiresome, but now you are especially so.
"Heavy sigh." I know, I know, Stuart. Actually following a church is so boring, so provincial. Leave that to the goyische kopfs. The enlightened have left that behind. Stu knows best, always.


  1. Why all this shallow invective though? You're being very tiresome and not really pious. "Following a church", well that's just a little conceit of yours Beetle, so you can be mean, nasty and unkind, like the horrid little earwig, Diane, with whom you seem to hang around online. Where you find Beetle, Earwig is never far off.

  2. It may be invective, but "shallow" it isn't - unless to uphold primordial and apostolic teachings about the indivisible character of the Church (whether one believes the Catholic Church or the Orthodox Church to be that Church) is shallow, as well as boring and provincial. In which case, you find yourself in good company.

  3. I've been called many things, but earwig is a new one. Kudos for the imaginative name calling. And oh yeah -- they'll know we are Christians by our love. :p


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