Thursday, September 25, 2014

On hatred of the traditional Mass, the Sweden Democrats, and more

  • Why IS there such hatred of the traditional Latin Mass? It IS a spiritual war, and a civil war in the church. The old liberals in charge are fading but not gently. If this happened to me, I'd soldier on with Pope Benedict's English Novus Ordo. If that were taken away (reverting to Paul VI's paraphrase), I'd go to the SSPX or the Greek Catholics, maybe the Greek Catholics first because they're in good standing with the official church. Antipope? SSPX.
  • Conversion stories. Famous convert Rod Dreher tells his story again. Me: born Episcopal, confirmed Catholic at 17; regrettably left a couple of times, about 20 years ago or more. Here's the rest of my story. Catholic to stay since 2011. You probably know my line on Dreher: his leaving the church (to be fair, after 20 years) was emotionally understandable (the great gay underage scandal and coverup) but irrational (our teachings are not the problem). Here, schism's probably just another name for surrendering the public square, which a friend has convinced me is what Dreher is up to with his blog, trying to convince conservative Catholics to do just that for American Orthodox escapism.
  • "Europe belongs to us." I see the same good points about the Sweden Democrats that Roissy (from whom I learned of them) and Alternative Right do: populist, socially conservative, naturally patriotic, and ethnically loyal. Of course I add the warnings/disclaimers that, just like with economic and other radical individualism, the church says not to make an idol of the white race, and Peronist economics don't work. For us Catholics, Hitler's not an option (Mit Brennender Sorge); Franco is. Interestingly, to the Sweden Democrats' credit, Wikipedia says a lot of their support is from Middle Eastern Christian immigrants. (I don't care what color you are; you are welcome if you behave.) They know how to make good videos/commercials, the first, "Salute to the European Youth," baiting the liberals, and the second, "Young Swedish Girl," catchy and appealing to young women themselves as well as young men of course (it's hip, fun, and sexy to be square). Why can't the Swedes like being Swedes? Or whites be proud of being white? Don't worship race, but sub-Saharan Africa, the Middle East, Mesoamerica, the Orient, and India didn't come up with scholastic theology, the Constitution, or modern science. The war on white men is a travesty of Christian charity and humility. By the way, unlike many, I don't think Swedish women are particularly beautiful; as P.J. O'Rourke observed visiting the country, they're on average as pretty as women usually are. The free-love thing is a myth '60s Americans believed about Sweden (part of the "Progress!" myth of the left about Nordic socialist paradises), from '60s Italian porn set there; Swedes are very reserved, based on the few I've met. I can see the girls' appeal to Americans, though: many of their faces are from an obviously different gene pool.
  • From Steve Sailer: "Ethnic extremist leaves U.S. to fight in Middle Eastern tribal war." "Not OK for ISIS; OK for Israel." "It is not illegal for an American citizen to join a foreign army — unless that army is at war with America. Nor does joining a foreign army require one to relinquish citizenship." This is a good example of a general theme of mine: in 21st Century America, you can roughly divide white men up into conservatives and liberals based on their predilections toward loyalty. Everybody feels loyalties, but conservatives tend to be more motivated than liberals by loyalty or team spirit. And conservatives tend to experience their feelings of loyalty in a fairly natural concentric fashion, with their feelings of loyalty diminishing as they go outward to people less like themselves. White male liberals, in contrast, pride themselves on a certain degree of disloyalty, possessing a set of loyalties that leapfrog in disdain over some set of people not all that far off from themselves. (Of course, all other kinds of liberals besides straight white males are encouraged by the media to subscribe to crude forms of ethnocentrism, such as demanding amnesty for their co-ethnics.)
  • From Ex-Army: Rothbard on nationalism.
  • Dissenting from American liberalism and conservatism. Innate differences on average, social responsibility, and conservative Christians taught me growing up that it's wrong to pick on homosexuals.
  • The Bell Curve at 20.
  • "Gender equality." It means women becoming more like men and grabbing power, while men cry and become weak sacks of shit. It forces women to look down on their roles as mothers and caregivers and embrace lifestyles that offer them only emptiness and depression. In the end, the latest push for gender equality aims to mold all people — regardless of race, gender, or creed — into deracinated, genderless consumers that care about nothing more than satisfying their own base desires. Right, and Manosphere 101: the men who buy gender equality, doing what they're told, get dumped by women bored with them in order to selfishly chase the more exciting alphas (PUAs don't buy gender equality but are just as selfish), until the women's looks hit the wall and they end up alone.
  • From Bob Wallace: As many of you may be aware, the West is slowly but surely declining. Feminism is part of that.

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