Thursday, September 04, 2014

Red alert: The media canonize a living Catholic dissenter

A Catholic nun spent her life fighting for LGBT rights, even against Vatican wishes. Sister Jeannine Gramick, who has dedicated her life to fighting for the rights of gays and lesbians in the Catholic Church despite repeated censures from the Vatican for her activities.
1. Political correctness, like the Protestantism it grew out of, is a Christian heresy; I'm sure Sister was trying to be charitable. When I was a kid, it was born-again evangelicals who taught me it's wrong to be mean to homosexuals. 2. Anybody "Zsa Zsa" over at the HuffPo canonizes is suspect. (A fine Orthodox Christian at Easter, I'm sure.) 3. Standard Protestant game plan/template by the secular media: heroic, Luther-like vowed religious vs. "The Vatican" (cuz, you know, they're really Nazis and child molesters). Americans love underdogs, and they love individualists and rebels (loser James Dean) because Americans are Protestants. 4. There is an authentic Catholic ministry to people with this problem: Courage. 5. Bet you a dollar Miss Piazza hasn't been in a confessional for a while.
Dominic strode up to her. He was a baptized gay man who had left the Catholic Church because a priest told him that he was going to hell.
Which Fr. George Rutler, Opus Dei, or any number of educated, sound Catholics will tell him, and Miss Piazza if she were a real journalist, isn't really what we teach.

Reminds me a little of liberal high church, the Episcopalians, much/most of whose dwindling city clientele are male homosexuals. Unlike libcaths, they love my religion's trappings but Gay Is Good and Genders Are Interchangeable (they don't like girls but the feminists have their back so they owe them one, thus lady priests) are self-evident truths; challenge those with no way to weasel out and it's adiós, Jesus.

Up next? Editor: "Slow news day... hey, wait, it's one of those Roman Catholic Womenpriests. OK, let's pimp that: it leads on the site today. 'Woman Catholic Priest defies Vatican.' Love it."

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