Thursday, September 18, 2014

Religion, politics, and the motivation trifecta

  • The motivation trifecta: autonomy, mastery, and purpose. All of which I have at my job. I'm left in peace, I can write a sentence and do Google research, and I create something that drives business to our customers.
  • Would an independent Scotland be a more anti-Catholic one? My guess is the Presbyterians, even lapsed, are still more anti-Catholic than the Anglicans in England. Scotland also has a big ethnic-Irish immigrant Catholic minority.
  • Some at least soi-disant Satanists have been media attention-whoring lately with publicity-stunt "black Masses," trying to get conservative Catholics to react and succeeding. I say starve them of attention; they're hurting themselves. This just in: indoctrinating kids under equal-time freedom of religion. It's an interesting "religion," not directly about doing evil but about choosing to serve self and take revenge, plus ridiculing religion. It starts out as "edgy atheism" and then it just goes into bowing to the devil. They worship the eternal loser. They that worship him become like unto him and all that... I'll bet a lot of it besides "edgy atheism" ("do good... unto those who deserve it") becomes EXACTLY bad religion: making a deal with the devil as god by doing certain rituals correctly so you think you control him and he owes you what you want.
  • Who are Orthodox converts? 1. People who married born Orthodox. 2. Intellectual ex-evangelicals. A distant 3. Ex-Catholics escaping Vatican II. Background post.
  • "The Uniates."
  • An astounding comment from an AWRV parish newsletter: “Nowadays, some Christians are being martyred by incompetent or insane bishops in some Protestant Jurisdictions, while others are being martyred by corrupt and arrogant bishops and demonic clergy, such as Roman Catholics (see Editor’s disclaimer above… we do not invite litigation). I pray that these Christians may be brave and tough enough to find the true Church. Of course, our bishops aren’t perfect, but I don’t think our martyrdom comes from them.” Discuss.
  • Ask not for whom the bagpipes blow, priests get in trouble about Jews and gays, not a hate crime because the victim's white (there is no "hate crime"/thoughtcrime, only crime), and a transgender picture book for kids (encouraging them to erase the line between make-believe and reality).
  • Ted Cruz's lying circus.

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  1. My impression of the Scottish issue is that part of it is just being crankily Scottish, but the main part is that London hogs the lion's share of anything the British government does. Other parts have the same resentment but don't have an out.


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