Monday, September 08, 2014

"Salve, sancta parens," chicks still hating betas hitting on them, on Barry Soetoro, and some prices with real money

  • Nativity of the BVM. All Catholics are to an extent Marian but I'm not extremely so; nothing to prove, I guess. "Behold the handmaid of the Lord; be it unto me according to thy word. And the word was made flesh, and dwelt among us." The Mother of God. Everything else on this is commentary.
  • The long march through the arcade. Of course, as anybody who reads Roissy will tell you. Just like the big nothing about Comic Con ("OMG; so I was, like, this sexy comic-book character, and this geek kept, like, trying to talk to me"): healthy sexual desire from men considered lesser is stamped out, conveniently, rather than the girls using social skills/manners ("no, thank you"); happy hunting ground for alpha jerks. Who seriously thinks slightly autistic overgrown boys dressed as superheroes, and computer-game nerds, are rapists? By the way, the number of rapes has gone down much over 40 years, but the feminists still have to play victim. It really is hatred: you have no right to exist. As a good friend told me, asocial millennials are one tweak away from Lord of the Flies or another Holocaust. They live in a fantasy world where everyone is equal. Actually, they want a world where everyone is just like them. Bad when blue-collar whites want it; noble when they want it. Lather, rinse, repeat. Also, the male feminists, envious of the alpha ladies' men, don't realize girls don't respect and thus won't have sex with male feminists, so by attacking traditional masculinity they've thrown away their last chance for sex.
  • Leftism in the manosphere?! The Manosphere is a response to feminism — but not all of it. That's why it's such a mishmash. In some ways it's just as leftist as feminism, e.g., the promotion of the Pickup Artist and Men Going Their Own Way lifestyles. Each of those destroys monogamy and patriarchy just as surely as feminism, which is leftist. Selfish, and dedicating your life to what you think women think of you, while natural up to a point (love makes the world go round, and people need... more people), isn't very strong of men. The manosphere is a map of fallen human nature, but good point as always from Bob Wallace. This is Playboy funding Ms.: it's part of the problem.
  • Conservative cliché I'm sick of: blaming Obama. It's all over Facebook and funny and true, up to a point. He's a symptom, not the problem, and hawkishness about ISIS vs. his alleged passivity is dead wrong. ISIS is evil but our own fault (I opposed our war on Iraq since before day one) and not a threat to us; they're probably not very bright and thus easy to defeat in ways not violent to us. Anyway, Barry Soetoro in a nutshell: He's from Honolulu. At first I thought he was a second-generation black convert to Islam, because of his name. When I found out his father was foreign and his mother white, I figured him out: he's not black. He's actually a very WASPy liberal with no use for religion, with a very international upbringing, so he hung out with the foreign kids in college even though he wasn't exactly one of them. I think he may have faked his way into Columbia by pretending to have been originally from Indonesia, easy for him to do. About as bright as I am. Stuck on himself. A complete ghoul on abortion.
  • Quality of life: US vs. UK. American liberals don't like the poorer standard of living but love the socialist safety net the money goes to instead (Thatcher: "the trouble is eventually you run out of other people's money") and the alleged cultural superiority. So, "Hey, I may have to live in a closet (not metaphorically: Gay Is Good there now) but I get to look down on conservative Americans." Jolly good for you.
  • Gasoline back when our money was backed by something real.


  1. Gas was that price when I was 16 years old and McDonalds cost less than a dollar. Each of us kicked in two dollars, cruised for hours and still had money for a meal at the end of the night.

  2. *sigh* The Arcade article is very disappointing. The writer completely misunderstands the current situation regarding video games, relies on old stereotypes, and so completely misses any sort of valid critique of the feminist strategy. If video games were still about lonely boys playing in the dark of their mother's basement, the feminists wouldn't care - just like they didn't care about comic books until Marvel's movies started pulling in money faster than it could be printed at the box office.

    The average age of the gamer is 31 (actually down from last year's 34), the majority of gamers are over 34, the gender split is nearly equal (52/48 m/f), 59% of the American population plays video games, and last year video games raked in $21.53 billion. This is not about SJWs invading some super-secret boy's (in the sense of adolescents in their tree-house) club, this is about SJWs picking the prime territory on the battle ground, meanwhile the writer of the article doesn't realize the strategic importance of the battlefield because he's picturing Chicago when he visited it in 1879, not as it exists today - or even during the '20s.

    It is only recently being realized just how much an impact video games are making as a form of storytelling. There's something powerful about being able to create one's own story (without the permanent consequences of real life). And the SJWs have always been about controlling the narrative.

    Statistics on current video game industry from here:


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