Friday, September 12, 2014

Scotland can't keep the pound, American identity, and business and race

  • The Bank of England on Scottish independence: Currency union is incompatible with sovereignty. The UK to its credit didn't dump the pound for the euro. Salmond here reminds me of that teenager in Catholic school who moved out of the house to be with her boyfriend, then sued her parents for tuition money; she was 18, her choice, but her parents owed her nothing. Question you probably shouldn't ask at the pub: is seeming British independence from Europe really thanks to the great reversal in the Special Relationship; thanks to the U.S.?
  • Rewatching Tucker: The Man and His Dream. Love it. Great moviemaking. Largely true. He was a hero and it is a beautiful car. Got me thinking and Googling: What was the first postwar design in American cars? Most of Detroit retooled for the 1949 model year (the '41 models, beautiful designs, were reused most of the decade because of suspending civilian car production during the war); the '48 Tucker was one of the first real new ones (but not a break with '40s style, a beauty as well as technically advanced) but I understand the prize goes to Studebaker for the 1947 model year.
  • Donald Sterling's revenge. Another NBA team owner in trouble, this time for ... running a business, noticing that white customers on average have more spendable income to waste on f&b and merch, and so trying to attract more of them. Not chase away blacks (what sane business owner chases away customers?); draw more of the better-paying customers. Noticing things can cost you your livelihood in the new America. My guess is like with Sterling, Levenson crying anti-Semitism wouldn't help, in the Cathedral's hierarchy of truths.
  • "America isn't a real country." It doesn't matter what color you are as long as you behave, but "behave" is part of identitarians' point. It's part of our British roots. Of course making an idol of your race is wrong, but if blacks are allowed to be proud of being black, why can't Anglo-Americans, as part of one of history's greatest civilizations? Worrying that it makes other peoples feel bad is distorted Christian charity, part of the Christian heresy that is secular humanism; showy fake humility. It's really the elite warring against conservative whites.

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  1. The United States are not a real country, but there are several real countries within the United States. Checking a couple of maps of ethnicity and religion in the USA can pretty quickly give one a good feel for where the boundaries lie:

    It's interesting to me, as a Northeastern Catholic, to observe how many of my "ethnic" Catholic friends have more than a little bit of old-stock WASP ancestry. There's probably no way to calculate it accurately, but I'd love to know what percentage of currently-living descendants of the Winthrop Fleet passengers are baptized Catholics.


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