Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Soon-to-be Blessed Paul VI?

Gaudet Fishwrap.

"Does anyone have any confidence in the beatification/canonization process anymore?" The church is indefectible. I don't lose sleep over it. No formal heretic can get in. If I don't like them, I don't pray to them. This one? Worst Pope of the 20th century, but he wasn't a formal heretic and he held the fort on contraception and took the world's hatred for it.

Ironic that libcaths, who rail against the Pope when they don't get their way, are turning canonization into a posthumous honors system for Popes, giving non-Catholics exactly the wrong idea about the Pope. Because they don't believe in the church; they actually believe in the non-Catholic caricature of the Pope. "He's General Synod in the Church of England or General Convention in the Episcopal Church: he can give us our way but won't because he's a big meanie!"

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