Thursday, September 04, 2014

Thanks from a Catholic Greek Catholic

Regarding this.
I'd like to thank you for calling the Byzantine flavor of Catholic dissent by its proper name. I have to choose my battles, and I have chosen (as a matter of prudence) not to go on the offensive in that particular area. But as far as I'm concerned, "We don't believe that in the East" isn't much more than an exotic version of "The Church doesn't teach that anymore."

I do think there are well-meaning folks who take that line without fully understanding the seriousness of the error. But there are others, seemingly more culpable, for whom a kind of ecclesial indifferentism has apparently hardened into a controlling ideology.

For my part, I stand up for the teaching authority of the visible Church when it is seriously challenged or questioned by fellow Greek-Catholics of the quasi-branch-theorist persuasion. However, given that I myself am an Easterner, I have to be careful about how I do this, lest the people in question should think of me simply as a partisan of "Latinization" (which is not the case at all), and so simply dismiss what I say and thereby become hardened in their errors. It's not a question of needing them to like me (who cares?), but of being heard rather than ignored.
You're welcome. As I wrote, if you do something as uncool as publicly believe in the magisterium, they'll "revoke" your Eastern bonafides, no matter how Eastern you really are. It's a damn shame you've effectively been silenced. What a waste, because it's a great rite. I'll always defend the Greek Catholic option for conservative Catholics but stuff like this makes me glad I'm not in that scene and question the value of being in it.

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