Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The '50s: bad permissiveness? Also: Online Eastern-churches fighting

  • The '50s were a mixed bag. A book review pointing out the era's highlights, such as the high point of American Catholicism, but also paleo-conservative criticism. The era's blind faith in and love of "progress" caused Vatican II. Beware of lefty nostalgia; the rot had set in. That said, I think Dr. Spock gets an undeserved bad rap. He wasn't the same as his image and I understand he was common sense for the many postwar moms, after earlier, crackpot "modern" theories of child-rearing. Like Pat Buchanan I'm not bent out of shape by early rock and am a fan (but see the problems the paleos do), unlike the Beatles and what followed. Just a continuation of r&b: the kids still jitterbugged. Jerry Lee Lewis and Chuck Berry are still with us.
  • The Facebook Eastern-churches slugfest. They really ought to rename "Catholic & Orthodox: Steps Towards a Reunited Church": "OicwRs and Ex-Catholics: Steps Towards an Imaginary Church (Real Catholics Are Idiots)." Reminds me of ARCIC: the two sides' liberals getting together and agreeing on mush nothing to do with either church's teachings. Want real ecumenical talks, no bull? Have the Fraternity of St. Peter and ROCOR sit down together! "I would say that calling the Divine Liturgy 'the Mass' is a large insult." "Nah, it's just John being his socially awkward self." Even the last tsar wasn't that stuck up. If I believed in Orthodoxy I sure wouldn't want OicwR Catholics projecting their fantasy ecclesiology onto me. There are two exceptions in that group, an Orthodox priest (Antiochian) who patiently explains what his church really teaches and is blown off (OicwR disrespects the Orthodox as much as it does us), and a born Ukrainian Catholic who seems not to buy into OicwR (most Ukrainians don't, and most Greek Catholics are Ukrainian) but wants Catholics to fight Russia for the Ukrainian Catholics' sake (no — Russians are estranged Catholics and we want to bring them back). The house theology is "no more than a warmed-over and slimmed-down version of the Anglican branch theory, with no antecedents before the 16th/17th centuries." Yes, and I say it's a distortion of us, not of Orthodoxy, for all their snobbish anti-Westernism (don't you dare call it Mass): we recognize Orthodox bishops so we recognize that they have the Mass; all of their defined doctrine is true.
  • Open borders: Unlike slavery the left and mainstream right can dress it up as charity and being cosmopolitan, when they're really using these people not only as a helot class much like the slaves but to replace unruly conservative working-class whites, proxies and human shields in our civil war.
  • Quotation of the week, from a fellow commenter at Takimag who goes by the handle "Anton Chigurh": "I'm with you with your reactionary ideals but I can't handle that goddamn fedora." You've written my new sig, sir.

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