Friday, September 05, 2014

The real church of the poor, and more

  • Feminism transcends normal craziness.
  • From A Real Live One: Contrary to pronouncements of those who seem to think interest in the Tridentine liturgy is a passing moment among liturgical hipsters or overly affluent conservative whites who despise the poor, the majority of attendees at the Tridentine liturgy were poor-working class. Yes, there were wealthy people there as well, but one would have to be the most unyielding of ideologues to not noticed who made up the bulk of the attendees at a given Latin Mass. To say otherwise is to be in absolute denial. This Mass, chanted in a dead language, facilitated the prayers of the poor and working class. The very people overly affluent contemporary liturgists, with too much time and money on their hands, claim they serve with their banal product. One can't help but think of Cardinal Heenan's warning to the Concilium upon viewing the proposed revision of the Roman Mass. Liberals love humanity and hate people.
  • My Mass has no ripoff paperback missalettes the publisher makes the parish buy every year (they're there for the Novus Ordo), just the missal. Our "liturgy committee" is Fortescue, Martinucci, and O'Connell.
  • Eastern-rite Anglicans. It happened in India and allegedly almost happened here.
  • Hate on the march. Islam.
  • Catching up with Crowhill.

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