Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Two Orthodoxies?

Orthodoxy’s “not my mess” but it would be train-wreck interesting if Constantinople and Moscow do split up, the battle royale in official Orthodoxy, more than ecumenist vs. anti or Old vs. New Calendar (the biggest official Orthodox church, the Russian, uses the Old, as does the Ukrainian Catholic Church in the Ukraine). The now-toothless second Rome vs. the powerful third, with its empire, natural-gas hold on Europe, and nukes, the only Orthodox country that matters geopolitically. It seems there’d be two Orthodox churches, besides their Old Calendarist splinter Greeks and the nationalist split of the Kyiv Patriarchate from the Russians. The ex-Communist countries, the OCA, and ROCOR would be with Moscow; everybody else would be with the Greeks. Most American Orthodox are Greek, by the way. That scene would be at sixes and sevens as the British say. Which one would have the best claim to be "the Orthodox Church," if it can be said there is one? Neither one would be more likely to come back to Rome so for us it’s all moot. Ecumenical talks would continue but separately with each faction, I guess.

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